Federalism Listening Tour is Duterte’s Campaign Strategy

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been campaigning for president since, only in the guise of his nationwide “Listening Tours” to promote Federalism.

Duterte’s spokesperson Peter Tiu Laviña, the last minute declaration of Mayor Duterte to run as president aims to prevent the intention of the listening tour to be smeared with politics.

“He is going around the country to consult with the people. Kung musulti siya nga naa siyay ambisyon mudagan, makoloran na ang iyang listening tour,” said Laviña.

(If he expressed his desire earlier, his listening tour will perceived with political color.)

He said that aside from the sake of the promotion of Federalism in the country, it also saved the mayor from being peppered with black propaganda by his opponents being the culture of the Philippine politics.

“Hugaw kaayo ang politika sa Pilipinas. Nasayod siya nga pag sayo ka magdeklara nga mudagan sa bisan unsang posisyon, ang imong mga kontra maghimo dayon mga akusasyon, magpasaka og kaso ug pagpangdaut sa imoha,” he said.

(Philippine politics is dirty. He knows that if one declares whatever national position, opponents will immediately create accusations, and cases to malign your reputation.)

He said there is also nothing wrong with deciding to run a bit later since the Commission on Election (COMELEC) has set a deadline on the filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs).

Laviña added that Duterte’s implicit campaign strategy deviated from the “TraPo (Traditional Politics)” methods the society is accustomed to especially when candidates eyed for a national position.

In January this year, Mayor Duterte embarked on his year-round, countrywide Listening Tour which aims to advocate and promote Federalism starting from Butuan City.

Laviña denied that the mayor’s decision to run is not merely prompted by the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s verdict on Senator Grace Poe’s disqualification case but primarily because of the various problems that beset the country.

Duterte was able to see these problems and listen to the cries of the people from the different parts of the country through the successive Listening Tours.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Federalism Listening Tour is Duterte’s Campaign Strategy, November 26, 2015


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