Late councilor inspires envi group

Other than mourning, the environment group Interface Development Intervention, Inc. (IDIS) said they were inspired by the kind of environmentalist Councilor Leonardo Avila III epitomized.

IDIS Executive Director Mary Ann Fuertes said late councilor Avila set a good example to them as advocates for the environment.

“Nainspire kami sa mga ginawa niya and dahil noon dala-dala namin yun. Nainspire kami na mas lalo pang pagbutihan ang trabaho namin sa pagprotect ng environment at magkaroon tayo ng greener Davao City. (Pinapanatili) ang Davao City maging truly sustainable and green city,” said Fuertes.

(We were inspired by the things that he did and we remember it until now. We were inspired to do our job in protecting our environment well and to have a greener Davao City. We strive to keep Davao City truly sustainable and green city.)

“In honor to him, we will do our best,” she added.

Councilor Leonardo “Happy L.A.” Avila III who just passed away Sunday because of stroke, served the people of Davao as the chair of the committee on environment.

“Si Sir Leo ay talagang partner namin from the start ng banner ordinance na ginawa kasama ang IDIS yung Ban Aerial Spraying Ordinance. Grabe ang kampanya nuon. Grabe ang struggle sa city council pero hindi tayo iniwanan ni Sir Leo. Grabe din yung commitment niya,” said Fuertes.

(Sir Leo has become our partner from the start of the banner ordinance he did with IDIS, the Ban Aerial Spraying Ordinance. We had an intensive campaign. We struggled in the City Council but Sir Leo never left us. His commitment was enormous.)

The councilor had crafted and co-sponsored green ordinances such as the Anti-Smoke Belching Ordinance (2006), Ban Aerial Spraying Ordinance (2009), Watershed Code (2007), Establishment of Marine Protected Areas (2007), Fisheries Code (2008), Rainwater Ordinance (2009), Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance (2010), Septage and Sewerage Management Ordinance (2010), Organic Agriculture Ordinance (2010) and Bicycle Ordinance (2010).

Fuertes said their group, along with Avila, are on the process of creating the environment code but also admitted that they might have a difficulty of turning it over to the next person.

“Maipagpatuloy pa rin namin yung ordinances niya kasi yung last time, naka 11 meetings and technical working group writeshop na rin yung environment code. Kasi ang dami na ngang green ordinances pero dapat siya macompile into one, yung environment code talaga” she said.

(We can still continue his ordinances because we had meetings for 11 times and we had technical working group writeshop for the crafting of the environment code. There are a lot of green ordinances but we have to compile them into a code.)

“We will try our best to pass it in his honor,” she added.

Councilor Avila died at the age of 58.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Late councilor inspires envi group, December 21, 2015


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