Farmers urged to have alternative farming during El Nino

The Department of Agriculture (DA) 11 encouraged farmers to look into other kinds of farming as an alternate livelihood in case rice and corn farms will be affected by drought.

DA 11 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Report Officer Joedel Leliza said farmers must also participate in multi-farming biodiversity such as poultry farming and not to depend on a single kind of production.

As of now, Leliza said that buffer stocking is the leading remedy of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Davao for the farmers who will be affected by El Nino.

“Actually naka position na atong buffer stocking, mao gyud na among frontline project para sa ilaha so kung madamage ilahang uma, so naay tay seeds nga ihatag sa ilaha,” he said.

He said the department had proposed a budget of 93 million pesos for the mitigation plan since the start of El Nino.

As of this time, only 16 million pesos was approved and is yet to be received.

The 16 million pesos is intended for the purchasing of pesticides, seedlings, drugs and biologics for livestock, open surface pumps, spring development and program management such as monitoring.

The DA also planned to implement the Climate Smart Agriculture Village to be an alternative livelihood for the farmers by planting vegetables.

The seedlings will be provided by the agency through their high-value crops development.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Farmers urged to have alternative farming during El Nino, February 1, 2016


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