Mayor Duterte can veto CLUP amendment but…

The City Council appreciated the appeal of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to veto the recent amendment in provisions of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) but also reminds them of the council’s power to override the veto.

Councilor Bernard Al-ag said the decision for the amendment to take effect now lies to the mayor.

“Sa amoang part sa council, humana na na siya nga legislation. So naa na karon ang bola sa executive department, to the mayor for the effectivity of the amendment,” he said.

(We in the council are done with our part on the legislation. The burden now is on the executive department, to the mayor to make the for the effectivity of the amendment.)

Al-ag explained that the mayor can either sign or veto the amendment. Failure of the mayor to act on it for 30 days means it is already as good as law.

However, if the mayor decides to veto the amendment, Al-ag said the councilors can exercise their power to override the decision.

This means that even if the Mayor Duterte retains the 10% green space in the CLUP, the City Council has the power to reverse the decision and completely remove the green space provision.

“In case nga i-veto niya, naa pay usa ka pwede himoon ang City Council. Pwede na namo i-override ang veto kung amoang gustuhon. Pero maghulat mi sa desisyon ni Mayor kung i-veto ba niya o dili,” he said.

(In case (Mayor Duterte) vetoes it, the City Council can still override the veto. But we still have to wait for the decision of the Mayor.)

“Tama nang gihimo sa mga CSOs ug environmentalists diri sa Davao wala na na sila mahimo diri sa amoa so didto na na sila mo-lobby kang Mayor Duterte. Katungod sa usa ka mayor nga i-veto ang unsa man nga mga legislation nga himoon sa City Council,” he added.

(The CSOs and environmentalists here can no longer appeal to us so it is just proper that they lobby their next move to Mayor Duterte. it is the mayor’s power to veto whatever legislations the City Council makes.)

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Mayor Duterte can veto CLUP amendment but…, February 3, 2016


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