10% Green Space in subdivisions anti-poor, says dad

Davao City Councilor Bernard Al-ag said the 10% green space fought by environmental advocates to be included in the amendment of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is anti-poor.

He said the additional 10% green space will compel land developers to build high-rise subdivisions instead of the socialized or budget-friendly housing.

Aside from the 10% green space, the national law also requires land developers of the subdivisions must also allot 30% open space for the construction of roads and drainage facilities.

Al-ag said that land developers can still be environmentally friendly despite the removal of the 10% green space provision.

“Atong gihimuan og mandate ang mga developer nga katong mga open space, katong kilid sa mga kalsada sa mga subdivisions, ilang tamnan og ornamental plants para mugreen ang atong subdivisions. Dili kinahanglan nga mudugang og 10% para machieve nato maging green ang Davao City,” he said.

(We incorporated a mandate that developers can utilize the open spaces such as roadsides of subdivisions as green spaces by planting ornamental plants and trees. We don’t need to add 10% to make Davao City a green city.)

He also said the green spaces might become haven of the informal settlers especially if not attended well.

He clarifies the scrapping of the green spaces benefits the city.

On January 26, the city council approved the amendment to remove the provision to add 10% green space in subdivisions from the City Land Use Plan (CLUP).

Environmental groups contested when the proposed amendment passed into 3rd reading and claimed they were not invited during the consultation.

He said inviting the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to the consultation for the amendment of the Zoning Ordinance is no longer necessary since they considered it a public hearing.

“Ang tanan nga ginahimo na nga committee hearings, gitawag namo na sila og public hearings. Dili mo kinahanglan imbitahon nga muapil. Gina butang gyud namo na siya nga notice diha sa mga public places, tanan mga agenda accesible na siya sa mga tao.dili na kihangalang nga naay official invitation. Bisag kinsa pwede muapil,” he said.

(All committee hearings that we do is considered as public hearings. it is not necessary to invite them. We posted notices in public places , all the agenda are accessible to the public. Official invitation is not necessary. Anyone can join.)

He added that the public hearing had began December last year and it was also published in the various local dailies.

“Regarding aning green space, ang pag second reading namo gikan December pa ang debate, ang pag deliberate. Amo ni siyang gideliberate from whole month of December,” he said.

(Regarding the green space, the debate during the second reading was done since December last year. We deliberated it during the whole month of December.)

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: 10% Green Space in subdivisions anti-poor, says dad, February 4, 2016


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