Summer seasons threatens energy supply

DAVAO CITY – The onset of the summer season may worsen the inadequacy of power supply in the region, the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) said.

MinDA Director for Investment, Promotions, and Public Affairs Romeo Montenegro said the usual increase in the power demand during the summer season is being aggravated by the occurrence of El Nino.

“There is a possibility that as we enter into summer, with El Nino peaking way up to June of this year and the expected spike in demand for electricity every summer time, and if electric cooperatives and distribution utilities will be having that shortfall of supply, definitely that will result to rotating brownouts,” he said.

Montenegro said he is hopeful that the entry of two power provider in the region – the Alsons Group Energy Development Corporation and the San Miguel Power Corporation will help alleviate the current power situation in Mindanao.

“In terms of looking at the entire supply portfolio, we do expect that the coming online of the Alsons 100 Megawatts and the first 150 megawatts of FDC and hopefully the first phase of the San Miguel by the 2nd quarter of the year will be able to provide needed supply to the grid,” said Montenegro.

“That is what we expect, but that can be possibly extending up to May or June. Ang immediate na inexpect natin na pumasok by April will be Alson,” he added.

But he said it does not assure the end of rotational power outages in the city.

He also explained that only those electric cooperatives who contracted with the power plants can get the power supply.

For the meantime, the Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC), which is the major source of power for the city came from Agus and Pulangi Hydro Power Plant, is currently being affected by the drought.

He said that right now, the Agus Hydro Power Plant contributes only 20% of the power supply which is being distributed to the power distributors including DLPC.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Summer seasons threatens energy supply, March 2, 2016


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