Drying up hydro plants behind longer outages

The longer power outages in the city are caused by the gradually drying up hydropower plants, explained the Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC).

DLPC Executive Vice President Arturo Milan said that the water level in the hydropower plant where the DLPC sources out electricity are getting low.

Just recently, the DLPC has implemented a two to five hours of rotating brownouts.

In the power distributor’s Facebook page, “the reasons are still due to the worsening effect of the El Nino Phenomenon to the major hydropower plants in Mindanao, recent emergency outage of two Agus plants and the shutdown of one of the units of the Therma South Inc. (TSI) coal-fired power plant last April 6.”

“This, despite the fact that we added 300MW in Aboitiz there in Binugao, Toril, the reserve in the Mindanao grid is still negative,” said Milan.

The shutting down of the TSI 1 caused the tripping off of the 138KV line of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) in Toril.

The power plant failed to restore its operation after the shutdown, thus the shortage of energy given out by TSI 1 into 50 MW.

Milan said from the 100-220 MW normal energy supply produced by the power plant in Pulangi, it went down to 24MW because of the water situation.

Milan said there is still an inadequacy of energy supply despite the presence of Therma South, Inc. located in Binugao, Toril, Davao City.

According to Milan, the hydro plant Hedcor Sibulan, being affected by the El Nino, is supplying an average 22MW to DLPC from its 49MW contract to the distributor.

Meanwhile, the Talomo Plant power supply to DLPC is reduced from 4MW to 3MW.

The TSI 1 unit is expected to be repaired on April 20.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Drying up hydro plants behind longer outages, April 12, 2016


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