Every year, the National Book Week is being held. During my high school days, our school organized an activity where students were asked to write a poem. I was in the 3rd year when I got the first place but I wasn’t able to secure a copy of it. When we had the same activity the following year, I crafted this piece, my last. Unfortunately, it has given the chance of winning to others. Hope you like it.

The wind that blew with bliss as its sting
Is the breath of tomes seemly sing
That sage’s wisdom to me out bring
A sense to once a foolish evening

Ample trees feed a lovely enchantress
With eyes on mended words, illusion never displeases
To a pond can be heard a greeting fishes splashes
After a crunch of unwavering memories

Deprive not me from visage I see
That virgin syllables though they’re merely
But clutched a brilliance illuminating intensely
Juvenile minds led to a path progressively

Much to the gaiety they give as to heaven
gentle reasons refined as it’s spoken
How man will struggle when Armageddon coming
It’s the only sparkling that can ne’er be stolen nor forgotten.

Bobbi Petalurca | November 28, 2009


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