Ordinary Letter to my Most Valued Dearest

September 30, 2013

Yulie Joung

71492 Un Nouveau Village

Dearest Bonroe,

We were lying on the grass, staring at the cerulean sky. You took a photo of every cloud that would pass by, looked at me and kissed my cheek. Then whispered “I love you.”

Suddenly, the grass turned into a bed cushion, sky into a ceiling with dangling cobwebs. And you, into a soft pillow and the whispers, a music from the radio. You haunted me again. Why can’t you just be mine? 

Almost every day, I lie in my bed thinking of you, thinking of what could it be if I have you, how would it feel if I’m with you.

I have believed in the law of attraction. It said I have to imagine what I wanted, with a doubtless heart and it will come. It said further that I have to create a picture in my mind as if I already have it. I do it. Almost every time. Probably, the universe is having a hard time planning out how will we meet and become together.

This is so funny but I have thought of this every vacation, when it is time to go back to our province, to home. In my daydreams, you were with me, sitting side by side on the bus seat. I am on the window side. Your cam, hanged around your neck, is as impatient as you are to take every breathtaking landscape you see. While the bus went on the long-winding road formed on the  mountain cliff’s edge, you are fascinated by the exhilarating views. You did what you have loved to do. You can’t get enough of the panorama at every other end of the clicks.

Photo: Julius Voltaire Villanueva

We arrived at our place. I let you taste the province life. I brought you to the places where nature brags its beauty. The smell of the breeze, the lives of the people and everything you want to capture and write about. Apparently, if we’d become lovers or friends at least, I will be your most supportive companion. I won’t ask for your too much attention if you are too focused on the things that you have loved first. I will love you as much as you love your passion.

Yeah! Daydreaming about you. It is a desperate thing I know. But I don’t really call it as such. I call it as “taking-the-risk-to-achieve-my-dream.” You might think I’m just wasting my time dreaming about you when I could dream of many other things more than you. One question, why did you dream of the dreams you have today when you can have other things to dream of, perhaps better than what you have now? Your answer will be mine as well. I have dreams other than you. It’s just that, you are a dream in another aspect of me.

You might be also wondering why a person or a stranger like me who only knew you virtually and haven’t been with you for a longer time actually felt something special towards you. You might be bringing up reasons like “Why me? I’m not handsome. I’m not like this and that..I don’t have like this and like that..”and whatever. Shut Up! (Rude me :D)

I ADMIRE YOU! If you have reasons, I have mine too. I like you because:

You are kind;

You are smart, adorable, and sweet;

You are socially-concern;

You are passionate in your passion and you love art;

You are so ideal;

I just love you, no other reasons.

It is so absurd. How can someone like me actually assert that I love you when in fact, I haven’t met you yet in the first place. (Mind-Stuttered) I  just read your posts, comments, statuses and everything, and unnoticeably fall in love with them, with you. Call me a stalker. I call myself, INTELLIGENCE AGENT (:DDD). I don’t care because this is where I knew you.

Have you experienced having a relationship before? With so many people that have admired you so much (which includes me), I’m pretty sure you got interested in one. Nevertheless, whoever it may be, they are so lucky. They got a full-packaged man, more than enough. For them, getting into your life is just easy. They met you face-to-face, talked to you, heard you sing, saw your handwriting, held your hand, touched your cheek, dined with you, laughed with you and everything that I WISHED I have experienced with you too.

But everything is just a daydream… Law of attraction is only a conditioning that works in consonance with the cosmic order, a standard set by the universe.

Who am I for you? I’m just a stranger. I’m just ordinary, average. You want something exciting and interesting. We lived in two different and opposing lifestyle. We have so many thing in not-common. And I’m not sure what this post can do to me. But as for now, one thing is for sure I have released SOME of it.

I Hope. I Wish. I Promise.

Lovingly yours,



I have loved only thrice, all my life, as far as I know. This “letter” was for the first of three. It was when I can no longer contain the feeling that I wrote this. But I was too obsessed until I confessed for good. He was able to read it. I will leave the next thing that happened as a mystery.

Originally written on my Tumblr account: Extroverted Intro-Version

Bobbi Petalurca


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