Child rights group condemn use of children in anti-Duterte ad

A child rights group was alarmed Friday as the political advertisement intended to smear the image of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte involves children.

In a statement released, the Kabiba Alliance for Children’s Concerns questioned the use of children for election mudslinging.

“The anti-Duterte political ad aired on major TV stations raises questions on the use of children for political purposes. Were the children who appeared on this ad knew the purpose of this ad? Did they know that their faces would come out along with Duterte? What would they feel now when they see this ad?” the statement reads.

The group considered the advertisement as a “violation of the rights of the children and an affront to our effort to protect the interest and welfare of our children.”

An anticipated 30-second political advertisement against Duterte started airing on major television networks, its radio stations and made rounds online Thursday that caused an uproar from the public.

The 20-million-peso advertisement, believed to be financed by vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes IV, showed children expressing disappointed remarks placed alternately with videos of the mayor’s grave statements such as his unintended cursing of the Pope and the joke about the rape-slayed Australian missionary.

“We condemn the unethical use of children for this purpose and urge MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) and KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas), and authorities such as CHR (Commission on Human Rights) and DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) to probe the violations on children’s rights committed by the TV stations and by Trillanes and his financiers,” said Kabiba.

The group said the ad exposed the “dirty and virulent electioneering dominated by big political parties and oligarchs” to the point of abusing the children.

“The Aquino administration is most guilty of violating children’s rights as we note the Lumad and peasant children displaced by the military campaigns, and many more children abused, neglected and denied of social services,” the statement added.

The group also challenged the rest of the presidential candidates to stand for the best interest of the children on this issue.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM Facebook page: Child rights group condemn use of children in anti-Duterte ad, May 6, 2016


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