Davao taxi company introduces taxi booking app

Flagging down a taxi has become old school since the emergence of taxi booking apps which allows you to book taxis in the comfort of wherever you are.

And coming to Davao is the newest homegrown taxi booking application-Taxilink.

Taxilink is the brainchild of the Davao-owned and operated Southern Maligaya Taxi and its partner corporations under the R.A Hao Group of Companies.

The app stemmed from the inability of the taxi company to serve all of its customers.

Martin Hao, Maligaya Taxi president presents Taxilink, a taxi booking app created by Maligaya Taxi.

“With our current call center system, we are receiving 1,000 calls and text a day and we only serve only 85% because some of the drivers are occupied. So it is a problem for us that we cannot serve everyone. So we decided to make an app to improve our services. and also give comprehensive reforms in the taxi industry,” said Maligaya Taxi President Martin Hao.

The convenience of using the app starts from having no booking fee and the assurance of safety since you can still be able to contact the cab driver even after your drop off because it shows you the driver’s profile and it saves your booking history. So you don’t need to fret if you suspect your wallet or some other things were left in your seat.


It will also notify twice: when the taxi is near your pick-up point and when it finally arrived.

“The app will give users access to the entire R.A Hao Group fleet which includes Orange Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, Visa Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab & Misis Cab. In line with its founders’ vision to provide the best quality of products and services every Filipino deserves,” said Hao.

With this app, the Southern Maligaya Taxi guarantees to give a quality user experience. Taxilink will be made available to Android and Ios users on July this year.

“Maligaya is one of the first and leading taxi operators in Davao and we’re still committed being the pioneers. Taxilink is just another example of how we are constantly evolving,” added Hao.

TaxiLink, a Davao taxi booking app for Davao City. Be assured of the quality user experience and safety and security with #taxilinkdavao. Watch out for it this July! #HapitNa!

For more information, visit www.taxilink.com.ph and www.rahaogroup.com.ph for the company’s updates.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM: Davao taxi company introduces taxi booking app, May 26, 2016


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