It Rains Every Night

Kapag umuulan bumubuhos ang langit
Sa `yong mga mata
Kapag mayroong unos ay aagos ang luha
Ngunit di ka mag-iisa kaibigan.

Tag-Ulan, After Image

A hit of After Image’s Tag-ulan resounding from the stereo of the jeepney I am aboard seemingly served as the night’s anthem.

It was raining hard that night. Lighting flashed as if I was smiling. It tells me to say ‘cheese’ but I did otherwise. The woman beside me is afraid of the rain. The cover of the window was not locked and strong wind caused it to flap, allowing droplets of rain touch her cotton sweater. The vehicle was full. The passengers are forced to shrink. But this woman clad in a dark yellow sweater just keeps moving, trying to close the makeshift plastic window cover, avoiding to get wet.

I wonder, why is she afraid to get wet? She knew it is raining. And she should anticipate it. She was ready for the cold wind to kiss her skin. She, in fact, wore a sweater. She should felt the coldness even before she went out, even before the rain made her sweater wet. And she should not be afraid of it.

One by one, passengers got off the jeep. Leaving. You can’t ask them to say. Not even rain can stop them. They have to brave it because they have arrived at where they belong. Soon, you’ll arrive where you should be, even if it rains every night.


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