New Food Finds in Roxas Avenue

Have you read about my food trip post about Roxas Avenue in Davao City? Did you drool over the food choices that welcomes you there?

Read: ISAW AT PAG-IBIG: A food trip at Davao’s street food avenue

Last night, I and my friends discovered new few food stalls that adds in the long list of droolworthy options!


When we got off the jeep, the first thing that caught our attention were the fanciful cupcakes. We peeked for a while but we didn’t buy yet. I wasn’t able to ask how long will the cupcakes be there. I have not seen any name except for a box labeled “Cupcakes”. I stole some quick snaps though. So pasensya ahead. Hope I’ll not be arrested for this.



On another corner was a small stall selling frappe. Again, we are drawn not because it is fancy or colorful but it took advantage of our weakness  – COFFEE! From the name itself, it is coffee frappe. The couple managing the business said they franchised Barako Frappe. They also put a stall of it in Abreeza Ayala Mall here.

The Barako Frappe have an array of coffee frappe to choose from like the Choco Drizzle and Lava Flow. For those not a fan of coffee, there are also non-coffee options like Cookies and Cream.

The couple claimed that the non-coffee frappes are inspired by Zagu while coffee-based frappes are inspired by Starbucks.  Every sip of the cold coffee frappe is heaven. Though we were not able to taste everything because aside from freezing our brains, our winter has come to our budgets too. Maybe next time. They start displaying at 5:00 in the evening.

Not only exclusive for Barakos, but definitely for Barako wannabe, whatever your gender is.


Choco Drizzle!!


Alexis might have ordered a frappe but she wasn’t able to resist the Fried Ice Cream. Ironic as its name suggests, it was just a liquid ice cream mixture spread over a freezing cold pan until it hardens. It is then scraped to roll and placed in a container, then drizzled with a chocolate syrup, an unconventional way of serving ice cream. The flavor she picked was bubble gum. I tasted it. Mind-blown. Brain froze.

Fried Bubble Gum Ice Cream!
This how they fry it.
Sorry, Alexis! I just have to show them how you enjoyed the Bubble Gum! ;p


Perhaps, they are really not new. I only just have discovered them a little late. Nonetheless, I hope to return when winter has left and try them all. And I am looking forward that you’ll join me in the next food trip.

Burp! Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “New Food Finds in Roxas Avenue

    1. Wait, pano ba siya i describe. Alam mo yung side ka linya ng chippens? Diba ka linya niya yung parang kainan na nag bebenta ng sinugbang tuna at iba pa? Sundan mo lang yan. Yung direction papuntang boulevard. Maliit na stall lang siya. Hindi talaga siya resto o cafe.


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