More renewable energy power sources for Mindanao eyed

The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) is looking into the establishment of additional renewable energy (RE) power sources in Mindanao.

MinDA Investment, Promotion and Public Affairs Romeo Montenegro said the goal of pushing for more renewable sources of energy is to equalize the variety of energy sources.

“This is part of our strategy in the program for Mindanao to be able to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy projects particularly solar power, hydropower, and biomass which are very much viable for Mindanao,” said Montenegro.

He said that they are anticipating large-scale coal-fired power plants that will generate 1,800 megawatts (MW) in the next two years.

“This is in line with our efforts to maintain a balanced energy mix in Mindanao. Because by 2017 and 2018, we are looking at the entry of large fossil plants, particularly coal-fired power plants,” said Montenegro.

The building of renewable sources of energy will prevent the saturation of coal-fired plants in the energy sources.

“Essentially, all over Mindanao today, more than 50% of our energy supply is coming from renewable energy. That is why we needed to increase more RE projects so we can keep up with the rise of fossil, particularly coal,” he said.

Montenegro said their agency is monitoring about 284 pending RE projects across several regions in Mindanao, mainly hydropower projects.

He said the projects can supply a combined potential capacity of 3,700 MW.

If hydropower projects will be approved by next year or in the next two years, this can be developed and possibly made available before 2025 or by 2023 since hydropower projects take around five years to complete.

“Our target is that by 2030, we will be able to maintain at least 50% renewable energy and 50% fossil technology in our power supply mix,” he said.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM’s Facebook page: More renewable energy power sources for Mindanao eyed, June 16, 2016


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