Sorry Christina Grimmie, I never thought you were there

If she did not die, I wouldn’t know there was a beautiful soul with an amazing voice resounding there.

I was not a fan of Christina Grimmie. Though I have heard or read her name several times, I have ignored her most of the time. I and my co-DJ even refused to talk about her death in one of our programs because we only knew less about her. We knew nothing about her life, not even her songs.

What happened to her circulated in the social media. The heartbreaking story kept pounding more hearts, especially those who loved her.

It was when I stumbled upon her blind audition in The Voice on Facebook that I became curious about her.

Having her own way of singing songs that made her stood out, I thought to myself. Honestly, I loved the way she sang Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

I scoured more of her videos on Youtube. Most of them are covers. According to Wikipedia, she started posting videos on Youtube channel in 2009. Her accompaniment, her best friend is her piano. Since then, she has had over 375 million views and over two million subscribers on her channel as of April 28, 2013 which made her the 4th most subscribed musician in Youtube.

And you would think that perhaps she was able to pull off a different approach with her blind audition piece because she was used to it. I am slowly becoming a fan.
However, Christina Grimmie landed on the 3rd place on The Voice Season 6 behind Josh Kaufman.

Until she covered some of my loved songs.

Heroes-Alesso and Tove Lo

Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia

Elastic Heart by Sia

Stay by Rihanna

I Dreamed a Dream in Les Miserables

Beautiful by Mariah Carey

Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

And Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine. I noticed she wrote on her description of the video: Hey guys ! This song isn’t exactly my style, but it’s a HUGE request from you guys, so I figured I’d give it a shot regardless.

She incredibly spoils her fans.

I think I have gathered enough of her covers I loved. I was playing one after another, juggling it between my work. I am getting in love with her in every song. No, not the romantic kind of love.

I noticed she was jovial, fun and easy to be with. She’s warm. She’s accommodating. She’s friendly. In fact, what I knew about the time she was killed was she welcomed her killer with open arms. She thought it was just one of her fans trying to get her autograph.

I enjoyed her songs. I even played it as my background while I write my articles. I so enjoyed it, that I forgot that it is her voice and videos left living.
I was too late to appreciate her. I am now a fan, but there is no way I can tell her.

Lesson? Tell or show anyone you love how awesome they are. Appreciate them while they are still alive. Let them know they are worthy and they deserve to live. And you loved them so much, before it is too late.

Here are Christina Grimmie’s originals that I like.

With Love

Must Be Love

Keep me inspired by your soul, Christina Grimmie. I’m a fan now. I never knew you were there. Rest in peace, then.


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