An Apology To My Shoes


I’m sorry, buddy. It is not my fault if rains. It is not my fault if the land is wet. Forgive me if sometimes you have to dive into mud, drench into the murky waters. And I have to wash you. Please don’t tear down that quick. Please don’t be tired of me. Please don’t be tired of the rain. We will face them head on. I hope everything will make us strong together. Please stay longer.

My shoes will live only few months. They worn-out easily because of rain, frequent washing, my monster feet among others. The only shoes that stayed intact for 4 years was a Duralite. But during those times, I did not worry that much, especially that it is my sister that buys for me.

That was when I was still studying. Only when I started earning and using my own money, the products of my hard work, to buy foot wears that I became so careful. Much if I bought a little costly one. And so I get paranoid whenever it rains, when there’s nothing on the street but wet clay.

Maybe I should buy waterproof shoes now that rain would be frequent in the next few months.

That is my shoe dilemma. But I will buy more in the future.


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