Wandering Cebu-How to Enjoy a Travel Part 2


13516315_1222741434411722_5392462912708095920_nOur itinerary said we have a lot to stretch on our third day – our budget, and our patience as we will devote the entire day enjoying the cascades of the Kawasan Falls13557707_1222745844411281_8858519494930386501_nPatience, most especially because the bus ride heading to Badian is more or less four hours and the trek towards the falls is about ten minutes. And by the way, if you don’t know how to float, feel obliged to rent a life vest so you’ll waste no chance. It is just 50 to 100 pesos for the whole day.


The waterfalls have many levels but we climb up only until at the second level. You won’t regret though as it offers equally breathtaking views of nature and experience from the rest of the levels. We joined the foreign and local tourists who flocked there that time.

13516697_1222743664411499_3164441746180210930_n13516722_1222741241078408_7054036515493727784_nThe blue waters are just so refreshing that it somehow washes out your stress even before the falling waters caresses your physical being.


13516697_1222743664411499_3164441746180210930_n13495317_1222741534411712_93633203443126474_n13532943_1222741667745032_4774432902021416440_n13528782_1222744844411381_1730273921504597567_nYour Kawasan experience won’t be complete if you will not try two thrilling activities there. If you are some kind of a daredevil, you might consider jumping off the cliff where the water falls. Some of our friends, two of them are girls tried it. They said it seems like it the best times of their lives. It cost nothing but a handful of courage.

13510780_1222743244411541_2145182634169277840_nIf you just want a bit chill and cool (literally), you can try the raft. It is worth about 450 to 500 pesos. The bamboo raft carried all eight of us. But it is a bit submerged. The guide slowly paddled us to the huge and strong waterfall. And the moment the water battered us, it felt like we were massaged or tickled, harshly. My brimming excitement overflowed that I was laughing out loud the whole time.13494902_1222744931078039_4462064502218453915_n

A sample of the rafting adventure:

We returned to the city proper at around 5:30 PM. Fortunately, there was still a bus during that time.

Unravel the fun. Here is the video of us Wandering Cebu:

There are still a lot of things to discover in the Queen City of the South-the whale watching at Oslob, Tops, Mountain View, camping at Moalboal, Magellan’s Cross, Sto. Nino Church and other churches, some hundred more waterfalls, among others. It is giving us, even more, reasons to visit the place.

My first travel in Cebu City provided me snippets of the things the veteran travelers have long been savoring and learning. We may define “travel” the same but our experiences will always be diverse.

This is my first time, but I won’t let it be my last.


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