#TheDuterteManifesto: Help the children with cancer

Who would think that the President Rodrigo Duterte’s gutter language and the speeches peppered with spicy expletives on most occasions would become a message of hope to the cancer-stricken children in the Davao Children’s Cancer Fund, Inc.-House of Hope?


President Rodrigo Duterte has been criticized for his careless words, mostly said in public, and in the media. Many were worried that it might be a grave influence to the kids. That it would teach them that jesting “bad words” is fine.

But the ABS-CBN Publishing President Ernesto Lopez never had a second thought to produce “The Duterte Manifesto”, a compilation of President Duterte’s speeches, quotes, and stories from and about him.

ABS-CBN Publishing Ernesto “Ernie” Lopez give backgroud of the book.

During the book launching on Friday, Lopez said the book was intended to acquaint the people to the Duterte’s real character through the book. His soft side and compassion behind his strong image in particular.


“Ang mga lumalabas kasi minsan tungkol kay Duterte sa publiko, sa media, hindi masyadong maganda. Pero dapat ring makita ng tao ang kabilang kwento, kung ano yung mga kwentong tungkol sa kanya na hindi alam ng maraming tao. At marami kasing mga kwentong magaganda tungkol sa kanya. Gusto lang namin na malaman ng iba,” said Lopez who admitted he is a fan of the president.

(What usually comes out to the public, in the media are not so good. But the people should see the other side, the stories that only a few people know. And there are a lot of inspiring stories about him.)

However, Lopez stressed that more than the president’s untold stories; the noblest purpose of the book is to bring hope to the cancer-stricken patients in the House of Hope (HoH).


It was their day but they treated us a parcel of their talents.

Part of the proceeds of the book will be donated to the House of Hope (HoH) of the Davao Children’s Cancer Fund, Inc.

House of Hope has become an important part of the life of President Duterte.

HoH President Mae Concepcion Dolendo said the President Duterte has contributed beyond material things for the cancer patients especially children when he still served as the mayor of the city. He has given them a lot of reason to keep living.

“He was one of the first people who believed we could cure cancer. Siya po yung nag inspire sa amin na to go further and do the things we want to do. He never failed to boost our morale,” she said.

(He inspired us to go further and do things we want to do.)

Dolendo said he was the one who inaugurated the first House of Hope in 2007 and he has never missed a Survivor’s Day until 2014 before he ran for president.

“We started with only four beds and one room in 2004. During that time, our survival was less than 10 percent. Twelve years later, we have seen about 300 cases every year. And our survival rate has risen to more than 50%,” shared Dolendo.

While proceeds are yet to come in, the ABS-CBN Publishing granted the HoH with a 500,000-peso check as their first installment.

Dr. Mae Dolendo was not able to contain her happiness after discovering the amount of the check. She was not told about it.


“Habang mas marami at marami ang mabenbenta naming, mas marami ang maibibigay namin sa House of Hope,” said Lopez.

(The more we book we sell, the more we can give to the HoH).


The Ambassadors of the Davao Children’s Cancer Fund, Inc.
Not even cancer can hinder their happiness.

“Nagpapasalamat kami sa gumawa ng libro, ang ABS-CBN Publishing, and higit sa lahat kay President Rodrigo Duterte na kami ang piniling maging beneficiary nitong The Duterte Manifesto. At malaking tulong po talaga ang naibibigay sa amin not only for this event but yung lahat sa community na nagsusuporta sa mga pasyente namin,” said Dolendo.

(We are thankful to the ABS-CBN Publishing and mostly to President Rodrigo Duterte for choosing us as the beneficiary of this book, The Duterte Manifesto. We have been given huge help not only by this event but also from the community who supported our patients.)

“We have become part of the history of President Duterte. We are very happy that this book is going to further help our children with cancer. Whatever is given to us will go a long way to support many patients,” she added.

The book can now be bought in the National Bookstore for only 149 pesos.

Ernie Lopez showed his clenched fist, an emblem of his idol, President Rodrigo Duterte.


President Duterte’s charisma is contagious. It is acquired by those who admired him. Here are photos of Sir Ernie treated like a rockstar.




With Councilor January Duterte.



Since I was able to grab one for free, I want to give you a sneak peak of the book.

The “The Duterte Manifesto: Mga Aral mula sa mga Banat at Talumpati ni President Rodrigo Duterte” is the president’s version of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s book, Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forever More.

In one website, the author said it is filled with the word “Patay”. Papatayin ko kayo and the likes. Another blogger even quipped,”Good read kaya?” as a comment when the presidential son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte promoted it on Facebook. As you scan the pages, his no-nonsense punch lines are adorned with stars (asterisks).

Written at the back cover are samples of his quotes: “Do not control my mouth! This is my mouth. God-given gift ‘to!” and “I do not pretend to be the man of the hour, I am not. I would just say, I’m a man who tried to do it. And succeeded. Or, a man who tried it and failed. History will judge me.”


It contained his statements to different issues and rivals in the course of his presidential run, firsthand impressions of people on him, strangers or popular, including his daughter, tweets on #DearPresidentDuterte, funny attributions using movie titles, checklist if you will be killed or not and of course, his love stories, be with his wives or with the country, among others.

Buy the book, not only because it is intriguing but buy it, for the sake of helping the children in the House of Hope survive cancer.

Help the children with cancer by knowing more about President Rodrigo Duterte.

The book “The Duterte Manifesto” just does that.

The beauty of the irony. The iron-fisted man believes in love, forever.

The children who are suffering with cancer needs your help. To know how, click the logo to be redirected to their website.

House of Hope Logo



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