MINDANAO BAND SUMMIT | Local Artists on the Limelight (A Sneak Peek)

Few more weeks and Davaoenos like me will once again lose ourselves in the festive beat of the Kadayawan Festival celebration slated August 15 to 21. You can’t refuse the festivities because the spirit will literally be felt all over the place even if it is yet the first day of August.

Kadayawan is an ultimate indulgence of the Mindanao’s colorful culture. And though the celebration officially caps off on the 21sts, the celebration of the culture and music continues in the MINDANAO BAND SUMMIT on August 27 to 28, 2016.


Fifty homegrown bands from all over the region, budding and established, will gather in one place to share their gifts of music and masterpieces.

Aside from the headbanging and heart-stopping performances from our local artists, the two-day musical event is packed with gimmicks will in be store for everyone such as Bike Exhibitions, Skate Boarding Exhibitions, Graffiti Exhibitions, Wall Climbing and Tattoo Activities.

There will also be trade-ins of musical instruments, merchandising activities, camping activities, unlimited food and drinks, and music workshops. That’s is just more than enough for a 200-peso ticket.

Set in the camping concept, the ‘campers’ or those who will be joining the event will be asked to stay inside the venue – Davao Crocodile Park Football Grounds (This is the final venue. Sorry for the confusion) for the whole duration of the event. You will be allowed to bring tents. If you wish to go out and return the next day, you have to buy a ticket again.

For ticket prices, you will buy the 250-peso ticket if you wish to stay for two days while 150 pesos for one day only.

The event is organized by the State of Mind Productions. For ticket inquiries, send them a message through Muzika del Sur.

It is time for these local artists to become ambassadors of Mindanao and promote the region in the music scene.It is one of the great ways to get the most out of the Kadayawan Festival which is a celebration of Mindanawon culture and aspirations.

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