Why Choose Sun Made Brown Rice When You Make The Healthy Switch

The fact that brown rice is an essential element for a healthy diet already gives you a great reason to consume it. Brown rice is known to be packed with health benefits. It has myriads of vitamins and mineral ranging from Selenium for the heart, Manganese for the bone and metabolism, fiber, anti-oxidants, stabilizes blood sugar level and most of all, my favorite part is it promotes weight loss.

But you just don’t eat brown rice because it is. Just as how we become picky with the white variety of the Southeast Asian staple, we also wanted something we can enjoy, the kind that is fresh. Taste and quality should not be compromised.

The first time I tasted brown rice was at a Christmas gathering. It is the only kind of rice they served. As a rice person, I was used to eating the usual white rice and it is never absent in my meals. Thus, I was curious at the same time idealistic enough to try it having known its ample nutritional benefits.

Call me ignorant but I was frustrated having eaten quite hard grains. It seems like it is half-cooked or probably, it should taste that way. How should I know? That was my last.

Not until I was invited in a brunch with Sun Made Brown Rice. I thought it was a risk but it is actually worth a try. Contrary to my initial impression, Sun Made Brown Rice is as soft as its white cousins. You won’t notice it is brown rice you are eating.

This similar experience is one of the struggles of the Mindanao Agri-Network Corporation (MANCOR), the miller and distributor of Sun Made Brown Rice, in encouraging people to this healthy option.

MANCOR Vice President Carlo Lorenzana said there is a need to inform the consumers the right way of preparing brown rice.

“People kasi who eat brown rice they have a lot of bad experiences because you need to educate them how to cook it properly,” said Carlo Lorenzana, MANCOR Vice President.

The process has few variations from what we do with white rice.

How To Cook:

Rinse rice thoroughly under running water and then remove any dirt or debris that you may find. Soak rice in water for at least 30 minutes. Use two cups of water for every one cup of brown rice. You can increase the amount of water for softer rice or decrease the amount of water for a firmer consistency. Cook for about 45 minutes. To extend the rice’s shelf life and retain its freshness, refrigerate uncooked and cooked leftover brown rice.

Aside from the preparation, Lorenzana admitted it is also quite difficult to market this kind of rice because it is expensive.

“It is more costly than white rice. You can’t pack it in 50 kilos because the nutrients which are in the outer layer or skin that made it brown is prone to bukbok (rice weevils). That is why it is packed in small amounts,” he said.

But what are just few dimes if it is an investment for your health. Brown rice is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and anti-oxidants. It can significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.


The good thing about Sun Made Brown Rice, being the leading brown rice brand in Davao, is its reasonable price. Added to that are the mill-to-table freshness and the promotion of fair-trade among its farmers because when you buy this product, you help small farmers get better income.

Lorenzana added that the reason why it is soft because they only produce the premium variety. This is a proud product of Mindanao as its farms are in Matanao, Davao del Sur.

MANCOR Carl Lorenzana WapatDC Mike Aportadera Reggie Reyes
Mancor Vice President Carl Lorenzana (center) shows a kilo of Sun Made Brown Rice along with the representatives from WapatDC, Mike Aportadera (right) and Reggie Reyes (left).

Recently, Sun Made Brown Rice made a pact with WapatDC, a Mindanao-based cycling group to intensify their health and fitness advocacy as well as promote tourism in Mindanao.

“Sun Made Brown Rice supports WapatDC by giving financial and promotional, and co-branding support, and fueling their long, arduous trips with fresh, fair-trade, and healthy brown rice,” said Mancor in a statement.

Having found the right brand, anyone can now be confident to make a healthy switch. Sun Made Brown Rice is a great complement for your fitness goals, especially if you are a rice person.

I will no longer be afraid to eat brown rice again, as long as it is Sun Made Brown Rice.

Sun Made Brown Rice is available at Robinsons, Rustan’s, Shopwise, Echostore, Gaisano or SM supermarkets. In Davao City, it can be bought at Gaisano Mall of Davao, NCCC Mall and Park N’ Shop Supermarkets. The prices depends on the supermarkets.


Like on Facebook: Sun Made Brown Rice or visit  www.sunmade.com.ph


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