EARWORM: Sayaw Dabaw | Maan Chua

Davao City, Maan Chua, Local Artist, Sayaw Dabaw, Kadayawan 2016This first earworm is biased for two reasons.

First, Maan Chua, a proud Dabawenya artist and the voice behind the song ‘Sayaw Dabaw’ is one of my idols. I discovered her after I began hosting the folk rock and country radio program. She has won the Tunog Mindanaw in 2013 which I think the best words to describe her masterpieces like T’nalak and my favorite, Itadyak. I have met her in person and befriended her on Facebook. But she never fails to drop my jaw. I am always in awe every time she sings and plays her instrument, be it a guitar or the kulintang. Everything is so organic, so raw and pure talent.

I never knew about this song until the group Aninag Productions formed by Jandiane Esteban, Ace Perez, Joanna Garado and Ralph Lawrence Llemit used it as the carrier song for their video entry in the Destination: Davao 2016, a video competition organized by the City Government of Davao. The video ranked third. Formality aside, the members of the Aninag Productions are my close friends. That is where the second bias comes in.

Ms Maan said the song is already two years old. I haven’t seen a music video for this so the video produced by Aninag Productions somewhat served as one. Beautiful views and spots in Davao City danced her music.

I blame the lively, festive and feel-good rhythms for making it my earworm for several weeks now. The sound of the Kulintang in the intro kept resounding in my brain and the beats… it just pumped my heart stronger and faster. I hope you enjoy this. And by the way, I chose to post this first to set the mood for the Kadayawan 2016 and I support local artist. Enjoy!


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