GMEA 2016 Blogger of the Year Award: A Feather to my Cap

Let’s return to its purpose.

I knew the Globe Media Excellence Award (GMEA) even before I wrote my entry. My friends and colleagues in the media have been bagging several awards in different categories since the award’s humble beginnings. I knew of the prestige and the honor of being an awardee since the judges of the entries were reputable in the industry. They are alluring and enticing that you want to work hard for every story you make or produce.

But my winning piece, When There Are No Longer Birds To Watch, I did not intentionally write it as an entry for the award. Its initial purpose was for my experiences, including my struggles within, to be shared. This one, the plight of the Philippine Eagle and all other birds.

Until I decided, after my GMEA awardee friend’s prodding that I sent this entry to this year’s Globe Media Excellence Awards.

And yes, I was adjudged by the esteemed jurors and screeners of the prestigious award-giving body the title, “Blogger of the Year” because of this entry. As what I have said, the birds added a feather to my cap.

The truth is, I am not. I am not as prolific as other bloggers around, those who post as many OOTDs as they can in a week or in a day. In fact, I am a savage procrastinator, tolerant to my sleeping indulgence and sometimes staling every single brilliant idea I find while taking a bath. I am not the kind that goes to every single event or know the latests of everything.

The thing is, I don’t settle for “blogging for blogging’s sake”. I always end up writing thousand-word entries, having the ennui if people would even care to read it. It is a struggle to fight for other’s attention. But I wrote it anyway.

So let’s return to its purpose.
I am resharing this post not to brag that I am the Blogger of the Year, not even for people to know if I really deserved to be called one, but I am resharing this to go back to its sole purpose, perhaps the ingredient, the winning feather the judges had found.

The title “Blogger of the Year” has its own expiration. I will no longer be that blogger after a year or so. So I was lucky enough that I wrote it for a different, perhaps noble reason. At least, when it expires, I am still grounded.

So I am resharing this, to justify its existence, the reason why it came to being.

I just wanted to tell my stories, my musings. Turned out, I had touched, I can and will be touching more lives. This will be my motivation to share the transformative tales of humanity.

Thank you for Globe Telecommunication for giving this accolade. This will be part of my blog’s history. Special acknowledgment to the Philippine Eagle Foundation (Official) who inspired this post. Thank you to all who congratulated me. I owe you a lot. And lastly, thanks ahead to the people who will dare to read this.

Congratulations to me!!!


Thanks to Davao Digital Influencers for the regard!


Check the post: When There Are No Longer Birds To Watch


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