A Heart-touching Poem by a Soldier – A Tribute

It has been months after the war broke in Marawi City in Lanao del Sur. And until now, our Philippine soldiers are still fighting for our freedom and peace, and for their lives.

I may have seen their struggles. But the intensity of fear and the quest to survive is greater to those who are on the ground than those who just witnessed their situation in media and social media. I can only empathize and say a prayer especially for the families of the soldier’s whose lives were short-lived.

My Facebook feed during the time the war was still fresh is depressing. You just can’t set aside watching or reading bad news whenever you feel somber. The news and testimonies of the unsung heroes are heartbreaking.

Soldiers in Marawi
Photo grabbed from New Marawi City Pulse Facebook Page

Just like the poem of a soldier that circulated the internet. According to FilTimes, the poem “A Heart-touching Poem By A Soldier” was seen posted by New Marawi City Pulse (@MaranaoPulse), a Facebook page of an organization that gives updates on the Marawi crisis. The post affected many netizens, reached millions, share after share. The chilling poem goes:


If I die in a war zone,
Box me up and send me home,

Put my medals in my chest,
Tell my mom I did my best,

Tell my dad not to bow,
He won’t get tension from me now,

Tell my brother to study perfectly,
Keys of my bike will be his permanently,

Tell my sis not to be upset,
Her bro will not rise after this sunset,

Tell my love not to cry,

Tragic, isn’t it?

But have you ever wondered who could have written this piece? Could a soldier in distress manage to pen a poem in the middle of a fight? Perhaps, but not in a breeze. Also, he would rather choose to head on to the battle than be engrossed to his Facebook. Of course, not. Someone has to write it for them.

My research did not yield me to its real author. The poem is shadowed with anonymity. But whoever wrote it, it is a snappy representation of what could be every soldiers’ farewell.

Just as how snappy this poem embodies their goodbye, we also give a snappy salute to all their courage and sacrifices in the battlefield in their quest to achieve world peace.

May victory be in their favor. May God, Allah bless them!


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