Seeking for a quiet place to study? Try Seekhana Study Hub Cafe

When all you want to hear are the noises of the bloody lessons you need to muster in school, then Seekhana Study Hub Cafe offers you a much-needed silence.

Since two of my best friends got into law school, it partly changed our taste in coffee shops where we hang out. We now choose coffee shops that are conducive for studying and reading rather than be spoiled in our usual chitchat-kind of bonding moments. In fact, one of them allowed me to go with them given that I should not talk. I eye-rolled okayed. Lol!

I am supportive though but my nocturnal tendencies often stimulate me to speak more. I become an impulsive storyteller, expressing every bit of nonsense in my head. I thought it is impossible I wouldn’t become a welcome distraction to them.

We turned to Seekhana Study Hub Café, a revolutionary coffee shop in Davao City that doesn’t only sell unlimited brewed coffee but a cozy space and peaceful atmosphere to complement one’s study routine or a day job’s overtime.

Seekhana Study Hub Cafe
I dare not read that book. But I had three cups of that unlimited coffee.

The culture shock was real. Noisy people will be penalized! Just kidding. LOL! They discourage noise and chatting as it may disturb other customers who need silence to finish their stuff. They are an antipode to the common environment of coffee shops – noisy, busy, and distractive among others.

Seekhana Study Hub Cafe
Cubicles for introverts or extroverts who got tired of being one. Haha

Seekhana Study Hub CafeSeekhana Study Hub Cafe

Aside from that, they are also a membership café. You don’t just sit there, order a latte, and proceed. Be a member by paying 749 pesos which can give forty (40) hours of usage, 999 pesos for sixty (60) hours, and 1,499 pesos for one hundred (100) hours. The membership is inclusive of usage freedom, unlimited coffee, free internet connection, and a plug-in of one gadget. You don’t have to use them at once though.

However, if you are the type that seldom needs tranquility in your endeavors, you can avail of their walk-in rates.  Your 100 pesos can be used for three (3) hours and an unlimited coffee while adding 50 pesos to it entitles you with additional, unlimited lemonade. Since they also decided to stay up late to cater those who need their place, staying there for twenty-four (24) hours only costs 200 pesos.

Seekhana Study Hub Cafe
Ayusin mo pag-aaral dzae para discounted na ang notaryo ko. LOL!
Seekhana Study Hub Cafe
Absorb what you read by taking a short break.
Seekhana Study Hub Cafe
Ask the counter for their promos. You still have a lot avail!

Other amenities to support your study and work habits are meals and beverage, napping kits, power outlets, comfy seats and cubicles, printing, copying, and scanning services.

It was a game-changing café experience. They somehow achieved their visions. The place was well-lit and the people are accommodating. What only bothered me is that they did not have the heart for binge-eaters. Nyahaha. They should consider adding variety to their finger foods other than nachos.

Nonetheless, I got things done. My friends were able to study except that they can’t discuss as much as they wanted to. Well, it is just how it is. You have to adjust. After all, they want you to learn, in Hindi, “Seekhana”.


You might want to try them; Seekhana Study Hub Café is located at Unit G & H, L36 &37, Blk. 10, Marfori Heights, Circumferential Road, Davao City. Their contact numbers are 287-3997 or 0943 229 1404. Follow and like their social media accounts for updates of their promos: Facebook (@Seekhanastudyhubcafe), Twitter (@seekhana_SHC), and Instagram (@seekhanastudyhubcafe).


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