Quest inspires to begin again with Unang Hakbang

Do you want to start something, perhaps a project, a cause, a hobby or whatever but you have a lot of reservations, the fear of not being accepted, of failure and of disappointments? Do you want to start your life again because you are too torn and stressed, tired and depressed but are afraid that hurt will continue to haunt? Then Quest demands you to make his new song your motivational anthem.

When I was in the middle of it all (and still is), the new song Unang Hakbang by Quest feat. Keiko Necesario came to my solace.  I first heard the 35-year-old Filipino artist when he was featured in fliptopper Loonie’s song “Tao Lang”, an equally empowering music.

Quest ft Keiko Necesario Unang Hakbang

But the Hiphop and R&B singer Quest or Jose Villanueva III in real life earned his popularity through his music “Sige Lang” in 2012 which was the anthem of the basketball team Gilas Pilipinas. He then swooped up after he wrote the “Walang Hanggan”, the official soundtrack of “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (The Story of Us that Never Was)”, a melancholic independent film by Nestor Abrogena starring Nicco Manalo (Sam) and Emmanuelle Vera (Isa). It is the story of two souls who are both aware of their romantic connection but are afraid to admit it. They just played everything by ear, until the end.

Writing inspiring songs could be Quest’s cup of tea, perhaps influenced by his Christian background. He was a lead vocalist and music ministry director at Victory in Manila. He concentrated on his music in 2007 and started recording Flip Music with Jumbo de Belen in 2009.

Since then, he reaped the ‘Best Urban Music Video for 2010’ at the MYX Awards Philippines for his first single “Back to Love”. Finally, he became an official Warner Music Philippines baby in 2015 with his sophomore album Life of a Champion which was released on May 20, 2016.

And just recently, he introduced his newest song in his Youtube Channel officialQuesttv. This will be the first of the original songs he presented “stripped down as requested”. Set in a room with his band, he sang it raw and live. The song is as chilling as the one prior to this but with an optimistic sting. His husky voice compliments the tone and melody. Adding to the dramatic spice is Keiko Necesario.

The song is a perfect moral support when you wanted to move on but do not know where to start. “Yung di na mababago bitawan mo na, sa paghilom ng sugat may bagong simula. Maniwala ka man o hindi, lahat yan ay merong silbi, sige. (Leave those you can’t change. In the healing of wounds, there is a new beginning. Believe it or not, it will pay off in the end.),” the song suggests.

And further, the chorus taps into a reality you either did not recognize or deny to believe. “Pwede ka nang kumawala, dyan sa rehas mong gawa-gawa. Wag na magpanggap na nawawala. Wala namang mawawala kung magsimulang muli. (You can now break away from your makeshift chain. You will not lose anything if you begin again),” the song added.

Get the feels by listening to it here:

Unang Hakbang (Lyrics)

Ayoko ko na dito.
Sawa na ko dito.

Hingang malalim, damhin ang hangin
Tingala sa langit, di pa to tapos
Meron pang galit, inagaw, inakit, paasa, pasakit
Pusong naghihikahos, kumapit ako
Kahit ano gagawin ko pero bakit gan’to
Nangyari sa’yo, bakit ako
Pwede na’kong sumuko
Dito na lang sa dulo
Pero sinubukan kong matuto

Quest, Keiko:
Yung di na mababago bitawan mo na
Sa paghilom ng sugat may bagong simula
Maniwala ka man o hindi, lahat yan ay merong silbi, sige

Pwede ka nang kumawala
Dyan sa rehas mong gawa-gawa
Wag na magpanggap na nawawala
Wala namang mawawala kung magsimulang muli

Quest (Rap):
Pagbigyan mo ang bukas
Wag kang matakot umusad
Kapag nahanap ang lunas ang nakaabang ay walang katulad
Ang puso’y namulat, may mga patunay na sugat
Mas malakas ka na ngayon, tumingala ka sa ulap
Kwento ng tagumpay ang pinakahihintay
Akala mo tapos na, muntik ka pang bumigay
Ngayon nagdiriwang ang langit, simulan mo na ulit umawit
Ibaon ang noon para sa ngayon unang hakbang

Quest, Keiko:
Kung gusto mo ng bago iwanan mo yan
Hilumin ang sugat ito na ang paraan
Maniwala ka man o hindi, lahat yan ay merong silbi, sige

Chorus then…
Buksan  mo ang ‘yong mga mata
Para hindi ka na nangangapa
Di mo na kailangan pang mangamba
Magpaalam sa nakaraan at magsimulang muli

Ayoko ko na dito
(Quest: Hindi kita iiwan) (3x)
Sawa na’ko dito

2nd Chorus then…
Magsimulang muli (3x)

It turns out, the song is actually a sequel of first hit music Walang Hanggan. Quest shared the video of the indie film’s OST on his twitter with a teaser:”Let me tell you a story. A Trilogy. Feb – WALANG HANGGAN (Pt 1) Mar – UNANG HAKBANG (Pt 2) Apr – KALAWAKAN(Pt 3)”.

Putting the pieces together, the story chronicles the heartbreak with Walang Hanggan and standing up and starting again with Unang Hakbang.  Meanwhile, He already performed Kalawakan live in a musical session called A Space Manila and several venues. Uploaded on Youtube by radiorepublicph, Quest conveyed the message about opening your heart again.

Watch it here: Quest – “Kalawakan” Live and _Acoustic at A Space Manila!

Whatever you are going through, wherever you are right now in your life, you are joined by Quest in your quest. For now, you should be taking the risk, beginning again, and refreshing your life. All you need to do is to take that Unang Hakbang (First Step) and everything will follow. Aja!


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