All About That Bob

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I’m Rob.

But for this blog, I’d rather choose to be called Bob. It is not because of I don’t like my name. I just wanted to feel different.

A proud Davaoeno, I am working as a Social Media Manager for a Davao-based news-entertainment radio station.  I am also a radio jock and reporter.

Personality wise, I can be both funny and serious. I tend to be emotional and sentimental sometimes. I think I can blame this to my zodiac sign, Pisces.

But most the time, I am fun to be with. You’ll gain the extra fun when I become comfortable with you, friendly, jolly and crazy most of the time.

The things that I am interested were:

Music. This is why I pushed our head DJ to make me a jock. And I always have earphones stuck in my ears wherever I go or when I write. Pop, Club, Dance, Acoustic, Acapella, and I think almost everything, even cultural or classical; these are the genres I love. I get super thrilled when it is from local artists. I was able to appreciate the magic of folk rock and country because I am handling a radio program featuring these songs. I also love singing, but it is an unrequited kind of love. 😀

Literature. I used to write poems and short stories during my high school years. It only became rare when I was in college studying a communication course is draining. But when inspiration hits, just like most of us, you’ll know it is 3:00 AM. You can read some of them here.  I also love Filipino writers, the likes of Nick Joaquin. I prefer them over foreign ones though I have foreign preferences too like Cecelia Ahern.

Photography. It is not what you think I am. I am not a photographer. I am just like anybody else fascinated with the sights of the things around me so I take a photo of them. And things may include trash, lampposts, shoes, trees, skies, you know, the Instagram bloggers and wannabe bloggers take.

Nature. WHO WOULDN’T LOVE’EM?? Nature is just awesome! I am an advocate of protecting and preserving Mother Nature. Much as I marvel its beauty, I also wanted it to be conserved because basically this is our home. I am fascinated about the things going on in the biodiversity aside from human, their processes, their forms, and their evolution among others.

Art. Specifically visual art. I am a visual person. Peculiar forms, unique images, exotic, bold or intricate details, these kinds of masterpieces pique my senses. Again, I am not an art writer because it takes years of study and training to become one, but I have my experiences to be told.

Places. I have always loved to go to places, meet new people and know different cultures.

Food. The reason why I am getting chubbier every single day. I am more of a gourmand than a gourmet.

Helping other people. The best part. You won’t know it is unless you do it.


I have planned it to be a travel or lifestyle blog, thus the name Bob Trail Tales. But as days and weeks pass by, most of my posts are more personal than a travel one.

So I decided to make it an avenue of the things I like to write about, something that is different from the news I churn and produce every day, something far from my usual things I do in lieu of my job.

Break free. I want this to be a place for me where I can be me, away from the pressures of the conventions, an indulgence to my interests, and a sense of fulfillment.

Now, it is more than a travel blog. It transformed into chronicles of my life experiences. Because for me, travel is not only limited to places or destinations. Life in itself is a journey. This is everything me, and perhaps more.

I hope you’ll find something relevant or of use from my blog. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to or a new friend.  My social media accounts can be found at the bottom of my posts.

Feel free. Enjoy the journey!

PS: I have included in my blogs the articles I produced for the media outlet I am working for. I just wanted to keep them as well for future purposes. Read at your own pleasure. 😀


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