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TJ Monterde, KZ Tandingan stage first Davao concert

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos used in this article. They are grabbed from Renelyn Barbarona and the Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc on Facebook. 

What happens when a sweet, endearing crooner and an edgy, soul royalty share one stage?

TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan showed it is so far the most unique blend ever.

The real life couple artists just enthralled and kept their Davao fans swooning throughout their TJxKZ Live in Davao concert Sunday, August 06 at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) Gymnasium.

It is TJ and KZ’s first concert together and first in Davao.

“Gipili namo nga diri sa Davao kay taga diri mi (We chose to perform here in Davao because it is where we came from),” said KZ in one of chat with the audience. Both artists are from Mindanao. Monterde hails from Cagayan de Oro City while Tandingan is a pride of Digos City, Davao del Sur.

Soft and sweet ballad

At the start of the show, TJ Monterde set a lovely mood by singing Sa Tuwina, a hit from his 2014 album Ikaw at Ako followed by Imahinasyon from his self-titled album in 2016.

TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao
TJ Monterde Photo courtesy: Renelyn Barbarona

Despite his fame, the musician still humbly introduced himself to the shrieking crowd. “Hello po. Ako nga po pala si TJ Monterde,” he said and went on telling the stories behind his songs. Monterde is known for his serenading approach to songs. His lyrics, which most of them he wrote are also quite unorthodox compared to most of the OPM songs.

WATCH: TJ Monterde intro performance

Monterde, after a few chats, sang the soothing Majika, one of his latest songs which he said is dedicated to his partner.

“Sa kada album nako, naa gyud koy kanta para kang KZ (I always have a song for KZ in every album),” the 28-year-old crooner, who spoke all throughout the show in Bisaya, shared to his avid supporters. He said KZ is also his inspiration of his song Ikaw at Ako, the song that catapulted him to popularity. “Mao ni ang kanta nako katong nanguyab pa ko sa iyaha (That was my song for her when I was still courting her),” he said.

Aside from that, he performed his only Bisaya hugot song Kung Siya Man, and other hit songs such as Dating Tayo and capped his set with Tulad Mo.

WATCH: Kung Siya Man, TJ Monterde sings Kung Siya Man

Edgy and beastly soul

From the sweet atmosphere, the mood gradually shifted into something heavy and soulful as KZ had her dramatic entrance. Her edgy style – blue, baggy top, glittery boots and bleached thinly braided hair, demands attention as her voice crept into senses. She is doing yet a breathtaking act. Not until she displayed her rapping prowess in her rendition of rap icon Gloc-9’s Sumayaw Ka. She seemed to have transformed into a beast.

It was about three minutes of awe.

TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao cornerstone entertainment inc.
Photo courtesy: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc.
TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao cornerstone entertainment inc
Photo courtesy: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc.

WATCH: KZ Tandingan’s amazing performance

Tandingan was taken far from by her jazz rendition of the 1955 Judy Garland song Over The Rainbow as her audition piece in the Philippine franchise of the singing reality show X Factor in 2012 and became its very first grand winner. Since then, she had been performing pop-belting songs but after she established a name in the music industry, she realized she can do better than just hitting high notes. She followed her heart’s delight and finally evolved into a soul and contemporary R&B royalty, with rapping on the side.

What is being concealed by her strong image is her comical demeanor. She, an effortless comedienne, lightened the ambiance with her usual Davaoeno humor.

Being an alumna of the university where the concert was mounted, she felt comfortable “catching up” with her fans in between her songs, retrospecting her memorable experiences in her school days and perpetually thanking the people behind her successes. She also granted hugs and selfies to few of her fans on stage and messed around with them at the same time.

TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao cornerstone entertainment inc
KZ invites fans to have selfies with her on stage. Photo courtesy: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc.
TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao cornerstone entertainment inc
Photo courtesy: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc.

Despite having members of the band coming from places other than Mindanao, Tandingan loosened up by sharing stories in Bisaya. She remarked that those who can’t understand the dialect should be the one to adjust since the concert is in Mindanao.

“Kanang mga katapad nga bisaya sa mga tagalog, kamo na bahala og explain unsa akong ginapang-ingon diri. Magbisaya ta. Naa ta sa Mindanao (To those Bisaya people beside those who can’t understand our dialect, just explain to them what I am talking here. We should speak in Bisaya. We are in Mindanao), ” she jested. The empowered fans cheered loudly.

Among the songs she sang in the show is Labo from her latest album Soul Supremacy. Aside from that, she performed her version of Tadhana by UDD, the OST of the prime time teleserye Ang Probinsyano, Wag Ka Nang Umiyak, electrifying renditions of a Parokya ni Edgar hit Bagsakan and Teeth’s Laklak, and finally, her one of the most requested song, Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako. She also granted the fans’ request to sing a sample of Two Less Lonely People, the official theme song of the high-grossing film Kita Kita.

Extraordinary harmony

Two different genres. A balladeer and a soul supreme. A romantic and an edgy.

They may, at some point, have contrasting appeals when it comes to their music but it only made them the most interesting couple there is. It is their love for music that kept them in harmony.

The moment the couple ruled the stage, it became a celebration of Vispop (Visayan pop). TJ and KZ sang few of the famous Cebuano songs to the delight of the audience. On top of the lineup are the frequently requested songs Hahahasula by Cebuano artists Kurt Fick, Pero Atik Ra by Jacqueline Chang, Balay ni Mayang by Martina San Diego and Kyle Wong, and Ay Labyu Langga by Jerika Teodorico. The two capped their show with their song, “Ikaw at Ako Pa Rin“, leaving their awesome fans a kilig-filled night.

TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao
Photo courtesy: Renelyn Barbarona
TJ Monterde x KZ Tandingan Live in Davao cornerstone entertainment inc
Photo courtesy: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc.

WATCH: TJxKZ, TJ and KZ join together on stage

But more than the blissful songs are the sweetness of the lovebirds. KZ fondly teased and messed around with her partner in front of the swooning crowd. The couple became official since January 28, 2015 but their relationship became public in February after they guested on a morning show in Kapamilya network. They considered themselves an inspiration to each other, especially to their music.

It was an awesome and love-filled concert. Aside from TJ and KZ, Mark Carpio serenaded the audience with his song Hiling along with few Davaoeno artists Rexvin Galang, the band Footwear, and Zhalia trio. The show was organized by the Positive Impact Productions.


Latest Kadayawan jingle released, an ode to unity

[Featured photo: Kenneth Baroquinto/CrossTV/105.9 Balita FM]

Its overture is an enthusiastic beat of an ethnic drum, perhaps gimbal. In a few counts, the enchanting chant of Maan Chua (I should know) resounds until a burst of harmony from the instruments kulintang, kubing, and some stringed instrument I am no expert at completes the ensemble. And finally, the unique voices of Mindanawon artists Popong Landero, Joey Ayala, Bayang Barrios, Maan Chua, Raffy Ayala, Maree Cantaoi Cayas, and the female band Duchess in Throne weaved the euphoric musical colors of the newest anthem for the 32nd Kadayawan Festival entitled “Kadayawan, Kahiusahan.”

The full version of the song was released on Tuesday by the official Facebook page of the festival Kadayawan sa Davao. “The song talks about the celebration of Kadayawan as an ageless story of unity and resiliency,” the caption says.

The song is a refreshing addition to the Kadayawan music repertoire following the one composed and performed by Dandin Ranillo in 2011. The song was entitled “Davao (Kadayawan sa Davao)” which spoke purely of the festival and the interesting and iconic spots in the city.

Kadayawan, Kahiusahan (Kadayawan, Celebration in Unity) was composed and arranged by Mindanawon country, folk, and reggae artist Popong Landero.

Listen to the full song here and sing along:

Composed and Arranged by: Popong Landero
Featured Artists: Popong Landero, Joey Ayala, Bayang Barrios, Maan Chua, Raffy Ayala, Maree Contaoi Cayas, & Duchess in Throne.

Kasaganaan ng pamayanan
Kahiusahan natong tanang
Napulo ug usang kaliwatan

Sa dagat, lawa, kapatagan, kabukiran
Nagtitipon-tipon, salo-salo sa biyaya

Matatag na pamayanan
Di natitinag ang kahiusahan

Pasalamatan ta ang Kahitas-an
Sa biyaya ng kalikasan

Kasaganaan ng pamayanan
Kahiusahan natong tanang
Napulo ug usang kaliwatan
Sa dagat, lawa, kapatagan, kabukiran
Nagtitipon-tipon, salo-salo
Kasaganaan ng pamayanan
Kasaganaan ng pamayanan
Kasaganaan ng pamayanan
Kahiusahan natong tanang
Napulo ug usang kaliwatan

Like the Kadayawan sa Davao Facebook Page and follow its Twitter account for more of the event schedules. Enjoy!

Celebrate a meaningful Kadayawan

[Featured Photo: Anton de Arca/CrossTV/105.9 Balita FM]

It is Kadayawan season once again!

People from all walks of life will soon come together in streets of Davao City to celebrate the profusion of harvest and richness of culture. We can’t help but swoon over the colorful and vibrant events lined up this month, whether it is organized by the government or the malls. All are in-store to let you experience the essence of being a Davaoeno.

But is missing no single event the best way to celebrate Kadayawan?

The activities are odes to the five icons of Davao City – the Philippine Eagle, the Mount Apo, the Indigenous People, the Durian, and the Waling-Waling. There is the Indak-Indak (street dancing), the Pamulak (floral floats), tribal music performances and contests, Hiyas sa Kadayawan to name a few. There are baskets and stalls brimming with different fruits at a low price for you to enjoy.

Davao Logo 2017

However, the bliss and excitement during the whole month are ephemeral. The city returns to normal after the festival. The memories may linger for a quite a long time but not until the next Kadayawan.  And the significance, for some reason, will be left intangible and ideal.

There is something we can do to at least one of the city’s icons – the Philippine Eagle, the preserver of nature where the bounty springs from and the guardian of the forest where it resides, in unity with the indigenous people.

Staff from Marco Polo Davao struts the fancy eagle stuffed toys for bid.
Staff from Marco Polo Davao struts the fancy eagle stuffed toys for bid.

Philippine Eagle Marco Polo Davao

Philippine Eagle Mascot, "Pepe"
Philippine Eagle Mascot, “Pepe”

For the whole duration of the celebration, adorable and fluffy eagle stuffed toys in traditional and fashionable ethnic garbs are up for bid at the Marco Polo Davao. Buying a pair of the eagle toys mean adopting and supporting a real Philippine wildlife king at the Philippine Eagle Center. The auction starts with a price of 2,500 pesos for a pair. Proceeds will go to the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

The toy eagles were presented by the staff of the hotel as they open this year’s Kadayawan with the launching of Fashion and Fusion, both a gastronomic and visual festivity of everything Davao. There are also paintings that are for sale. And lastly, the cacao and chocolate products from various business members of the Cacao Industry and Development Association of Mindanao, Inc. (CIDAMi) are on the display. In case you don’t want to bid, you can still donate by buying a regular stuffed toy eagle for 600 pesos.

Painting Marco Sunstar
Photo credit: Ace Perez, Sunstar Davao Social Media Content Editor


chocolate malagos marco polo sunstar
Photo credit: Ace Perez, Sunstar Davao Social Media Content Editor


Feel the vibe of Kadayawan by visiting the hotel at the heart of Davao, Marco Polo Hotel for the month-long arts and business exhibition and celebrate with a lasting impact. Supporting the eagles, the symbol of a true blooded Davaoeno, will perfectly embody this year’s theme: “Stand Tall. United. Resilient.”

MMFF 2016 | Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad: A Tribute to Davao’s Resilience

For the second time around, Davaoeno director Jarell Mahinay Serencio contributed something special to the film industry after his latest craft “Mga Bitoon sa Syudad” (Stars in the City) became an official entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

His first was the short film Victor which was adjudged as the Best Film in the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival in 2012.

His latest short film, Mga Bitoon sa Syudad was inspired by the recent bombing in his hometown’s well-known night market, the Roxas Night Market in Davao City.

In the five-minute film, Mac-Mac (9) and Oliver (12) takes you closer to their life as Roxas boys who serenades patrons of the night market to earn for their studies, helping their father who works as a masseur. In one of their nights, Mac-mac discovered that he lost some of his money. Oliver returned to where they were in the hope of finding the penny, leaving Mac Mac for a while and assured his return. After a few minutes, a loud explosion was heard. The scene in the night market became chaotic but Mac Mac patiently waited for his brother.

“As a human being I feel so much pain for all the innocent victims of all the terrorist attacks around the world most especially to all children who died and suffered from trauma,” he said. “Countless families lost a loved one, mothers who lost a child, a child who lost a parent and brothers who lost a brother.”

Serencio just lost his father due to a prolonged illness.

“When it happened here in my beloved hometown, Davao City, I could not contain the terrible emotion I felt on that day after hearing the news about the Roxas Night Market bombing. I feel that I should do something to contribute in condemning terrorism. As a filmmaker, I was inspired to tell the story of innocent victims that focuses on the lives of kids serenading the people in Roxas Night Market,” he added.

The short film, he said, is his tribute to those people who just wanted to survive day-to-day but have now become victims of terror attacks. “I also want this film to be a tribute to their families who were left behind.”

The resilience of the Davaoenos also fueled him to produce the film.

“This act of terrorism in my city has never shaken the faith of Davaoenos to stand again and go on with their lives. We remain strong and optimistic amidst the continuing threat to the city. That alone is something I can be proud of as a Davaoeno.”

“To my fellow Davaoenos, I urge all of us to stand strong as a community, let us remain vigilant and steadfast in helping one another especially during times of tragedies.  We need to move forward but we need not forget the people whose lives and life stories have been cut short prematurely,” he said in a statement.

With its recent participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival, the strength of the Davaoenos will now be trumpeted to the whole nation.


Direk Jarell Serencio with the cast


Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad is a short film written, directed and produced by Jarell Serencio — former head researcher of ABS CBN’s famous anthology “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”  It is shown together with ORO, a full length film directed by Alvin Yapan and starring Joem Bascon, Irma Adlawan and Mercedes Cabral. You can catch both films here in Davao City at SM Lanang Premier, NCCC Mall of Davao, and Gaisano Mall of Davao (GMall). Just look for its full-length partner, ORO.

There are officially 8 shorts and 8 full length films at this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival which are in cinemas starting December 25.


Agri, farmers-centered TOFARM film festival arrive in Davao

It is the farmers who till the land, cultivate the farms, and grow livestock hard enough to feed the families other than theirs.  They are the ones who work hard to feed the nation first.  However, albeit the nobility due to their role in ensuring the sustenance of their neighbors, they are still considered underappreciated.

This inspired Dr. Milagros Ong-How, the Executive Vice President of the Universal Harvesters, Inc. to initiate TOFARM film festival to be able for the stories of the lives of the hardworking peasants to reach the consciousness of those who benefit most from their yields.

Realizing the need for the hardworking agricultural warriors to be given modest recognition they deserve, the film festival was brought to Davao City in Mindanao in which farming is the predominant livelihood.

ToFarm Film Festival, the film festival about agriculture, the farmers and the bounties of nature, the first of its kind, runs from October 12 to 18.

Photo from ToFarm Facebook Page

The festival, pegged on this year’s theme “The Plight of the Farmers: His Trials and Triumphs”, showcases six full-length feature films that depict the life and the struggles of the people in the agricultural sector. They are Zig Dulay’s Paglipay (Crossing), Paolo Villaluna’s Pauwi Na, Jojo Nadela’s Pilapil, Vic Acedillos, Jr.’s Kakampi, Dennis Marasigan’s Free Range, and Maricel Cariaga’s Pitong Kabang Palay.


Festival Director Direk Maryo J. Delos Reyes said in during the opening at the SM City Davao Cinema that the film festival aims to help, popularize and introduce the farmers to a more popular audience.

“We want to give the respect and the professional treatment. We should consider them the heroes who sow the grains we eat every day,” he said.


He added that they are no different from other professions like nurses, and teachers among others.

Farmers and farmers organization from Davao City were invited to watch the films during the opening at the SM City Davao Cinema 4.

The film festival has premiered in Manila and had toured around the other provinces with Davao City as their last leg.


As the festival goes on, the organizers of the ToFarm are inviting writers and storytellers to send entries for the festival for 2017 alongside with the songwriting competition. Next year’s theme will focus on “Planting the Seeds of Change”.

Photo from ToFarm Facebook Page

“Let us support the agricultural revolution and get inspired with their perseverance, wit and heart of the unsung heroes of the nation, our farmers, and workers in the (agricultural) sector,” said TOFARM in a statement.

Screening schedule at SM City Davao:


For more information about the competitions, visit or check out their Facebook page TOFARM Film Festival Philippines.

PLDT Home thank​s Davao with The Regine Series Concert

Asia’s songbird and PLDT Home brand ambassador and Asia’s songbird herself Regine Velasquez-Alcasid serenaded Davaoenos during the successful The Regine Series at SM City Davao last August 6.

The concert was the PLDT Home’s gesture of gratitude to Davaoenos for making them the number one digital and multimedia services provider in the country.

13977827_10157297027195252_883804273_o13932239_10157297026545252_1364183434_o13950718_10157297026370252_1735343014_o13950619_10157297026265252_2147345583_oRegine Velasquez-Alcasid was also joined by artists Michael Pangilinan and Jona and some of the Philippine beauties Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Maxine Medina and Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental Jennifer Hammond to entertain the Davaoenos.13931672_10157297025750252_1137142522_o
13942622_1251363561549509_1197727852_nAside from the musical treat, PLDT Home proud user Regine Velasquez-Alcasid introduced the newest plan to avail for existing PLDT subscribers, The Regine Series phones which can be availed by topping up the existing plan with only 99 pesos per month.
pldt_regine-series_og-tag-image-062816The PLDT Home DSL also offered the latest and massive Famtastic Sale, the PLDT Home DSL Home and Away Bundle which features up to 10Mbps of DSL speeds at home plus a free 4G Smart Bro Pocket WiFi for only 1,599/month.

Other than that, Davaoenos was also made to experience Smart Home devices like the home monitoring Fam Cam, the powerful PC in a TVolution Stick with free keyboard and mouse, and the child-friendly Smart Watch – all best used with the HOME Telpad and powered by the most powerful broadband connection PLDT Home Fibr.

PLDT Vice President and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said the events and the offers are their way of showing gratitude and honor to Davaoenos for making them number one.

13933085_1251363324882866_18867519_n“As the Philippines’ leader in digital innovations and multimedia content offerings, we want to make sure that our services and products are available to all Filipinos around the country, Davao is among the first to experience the dawn of the Smart HOME powered by PLDT,” said Dujali.

Visit for more information about their digital suite of products and services.

Get iPad Mini 2 with Smart Bro’s latest exclusive deal

The leading mobile broadband brand in the country, Smart Bro recently revealed the easiest and most affordable way to own an iPad Mini 2.

PLDT Vice President and Marketing Head of the PLDT Home and Smart Bro Gary Dujali said the exclusive package begins just by adding an additional 300 pesos in the monthly service fee of your Smart Bro Plan 299 and you can have an iPad Mini 2 which comes with 1.7 Gb monthly data. Aside from that, the offer comes with free 1.1Gb of video streaming on YouTube,

“Aside from that, the offer comes with free 1.1Gb of video streaming on YouTube, Iflix, Dailymotion and Vimeo for the first three month,” he added.


“For a total of 599, subscribers can now have the luxury and the liberty to enjoy a premium gadget with a powerful service,” said Jaja Jesalva, Smart Bro Senior Manager during the product launch at Home Crest Hotel, Davao.

Present also during the launch are the Smart Brokadas Miss Universe 2014 candidate MJ Lastimosa and Harana Boys member Michael Pangilinan who had visited Davao universities  to introduce this latest offer powered by Smart’s fast and reliable Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Technology.

Gary Dujali PLDT
PLDT Vice President and PLDT Home Marketing Head Gary Dujali. Photo by Davao Digital Influencers, Inc.
smart-brokada_0 ace perez sunstar
The Smart Brokadas MJ Lastimosa (center) and Michael Pangilinan (second from left) with PLDT and Smart Bro Execs. Photo by Ace Perez, Sunstar Davao

Aside from Davao, the Brokada roadtrip has conquered Manila, Baguio, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Ilocos. They are set to invade more major cities nationwide sich as Olongapo, Zamboanga, Bulacan and Iloilo to bring this best and most exclusive offer from Smart Bro.