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Agri, farmers-centered TOFARM film festival arrive in Davao

It is the farmers who till the land, cultivate the farms, and grow livestock hard enough to feed the families other than theirs. They are the ones who work hard to feed the nation first. However, albeit the nobility due to their role in ensuring the sustenance of their neighbors, they are still considered underappreciated.

This inspired Dr. Milagros Ong-How, the Executive Vice President of the Universal Harvesters, Inc. to initiate TOFARM film festival to be able for the stories of the lives of the hardworking peasants to reach the consciousness of those who benefit most from their yields.

CARPE DIEM | A Festive Kadayawan 2016 Party

As a buena mano for the Festivals of the Festivals, Eclipse Production Management is inviting you to loose yourself in a festive, electronic music party- CARPE DIEM this August 20, 2016, at the Al Fresco Area of the Felcris Centrale in Davao City. Many DJs are set to make you seize your night with party music!
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