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Radio Jock 101: 7 Basic Things I Learned in my Radio Jock Stint

My DJ-ing stint is not long enough to be called myself professional or expert though but I have learned a lot during that short span of time. Thus, it is but proper to call it “basic” and could be the start-up skills for the neophyte or budding DJs like me. Also, these do not debunk the I-learned-these-skills-in-my-radio-class idea. In fact, practicing it makes me feel authorized enough to share what I learned to those aspiring jocks.

CARPE DIEM | A Festive Kadayawan 2016 Party

As a buena mano for the Festivals of the Festivals, Eclipse Production Management is inviting you to loose yourself in a festive, electronic music party- CARPE DIEM this August 20, 2016, at the Al Fresco Area of the Felcris Centrale in Davao City. Many DJs are set to make you seize your night with party music!
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