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Radio Jock 101: 7 Basic Things I Learned in my Radio Jock Stint

My DJ-ing stint is not long enough to be called myself professional or expert though but I have learned a lot during that short span of time. Thus, it is but proper to call it “basic” and could be the start-up skills for the neophyte or budding DJs like me. Also, these do not debunk the I-learned-these-skills-in-my-radio-class idea. In fact, practicing it makes me feel authorized enough to share what I learned to those aspiring jocks.

21 Life Lessons from Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie You Might Be Needing Right Now

Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you yet you know it shouldn’t. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted. A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle. Which side wins? Love wins. Love always wins.

The Beauty of Firsts

An old cliche but valuable adage says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Firsts are the most exciting things one can experience. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know if your expectations will meet the reality. But no matter what, it is the element of surprise that gives your first its essence and color.

I have been planning to do this. But the struggle to find the most appropriate and appealing words for you is too real. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know if you’d like what I would say (or write).

But after the course of time, I realized, I have been surrounded with a lot of restrictions for the past years of my life. My writings were curbed by disciplines. I studied a media-related course and sooner got hired in a media outlet. I write news, apparently bound with standards and dos and don’ts. For a neophyte media person, I just can’t easily experiment on bending these rules and embellish a touch of artistry on every news item. Though possible but better safe than condemned.

And so I created a blog, a personal blog. This would be my avenue to break free. It is here that I would cut the strings that made my writings a bondage. It would not harm if I dip my feet on the river of Styx except I’d become immortal. Freedom is limited but creativity is infinite.

I used to write poems and short stories. But that was years ago. I have to confess. This is not my first blog. I have created blogs before but failed to sustain it, until I can no longer access it because of forgotten email, username, and passwords. I would re-post them here, of course. And now, I am starting another one.

Let this be, if you don’t mind me calling it, my “first.” Allow me to share my thoughts, encounters, aha-moments, earworms, self-realizations, experiments, among others.

(Takes a deep breath)

May this first post pave way for more journeys with you. Feel free to tell me what you think too.

Bobbi Petalurca