FROM WHERE WE DRINK: The Panigan-Tamugan Watershed Tour

The Tamugan River’s surface water, as part of the entire Panigan-Tamugan Watershed, said IDIS, is very critical to heavy metal and bacterial contamination from nearby unsustainable industries. “These include rampant use of pesticides and herbicides for monocrop banana and pineapple plantations, forest land conversions, sewage from poultries and livestock farms and other pollutants,” said IDIS. And so, the group had painstakingly devised initiatives and efforts to rehabilitate the river, saving it for future use. And I am ready to see how everything fared.

Agri, farmers-centered TOFARM film festival arrive in Davao

It is the farmers who till the land, cultivate the farms, and grow livestock hard enough to feed the families other than theirs. They are the ones who work hard to feed the nation first. However, albeit the nobility due to their role in ensuring the sustenance of their neighbors, they are still considered underappreciated.

This inspired Dr. Milagros Ong-How, the Executive Vice President of the Universal Harvesters, Inc. to initiate TOFARM film festival to be able for the stories of the lives of the hardworking peasants to reach the consciousness of those who benefit most from their yields.

Radio Jock 101: 7 Basic Things I Learned in my Radio Jock Stint

My DJ-ing stint is not long enough to be called myself professional or expert though but I have learned a lot during that short span of time. Thus, it is but proper to call it “basic” and could be the start-up skills for the neophyte or budding DJs like me. Also, these do not debunk the I-learned-these-skills-in-my-radio-class idea. In fact, practicing it makes me feel authorized enough to share what I learned to those aspiring jocks.

EARWORM: Kung Siya Man | TJ Monterde

It is a kind of a painful song but it is worth my shrieks. When I introduced it in a radio show, I just can’t keep my hairs from standing. This could be one of those ultimate “hugot” and “martiran” songs. Added to that is his sweet, endearing voice that intensifies the hurt feeling. Just the right mix.