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Roundabout San Pedro: A Photowalk at Davao City’s Convergence District

San Pedro is an area in Davao City named after one of the notable and historic churches in the city, San Pedro Cathedral. Even the streets around this place were tagged with St. Peter’s name.

For more than six years of living here in the Crown Jewel of the South, I consider this as one of my favorite tourist destination around the city. I find it the most picturesque, probably because of the church settled here possessed a distinct and bold vinta-shaped architecture with a cross atop. It is also where the seats of local authority can be found, the City Hall of Davao and the Sangguniang Panlungsod, which are surrounded by parks too. It is the easiest to access since most of the jeepneys passes here. It is the first thing people think when they hear the word “downtown”. Thus, people of different social statusesand beliefs flock here for trade, personal appointments, leisure, family bonding, worship among others. In other words, a melting pot. No wonder, the district is always alive, teeming with life from sleepless people.

I have been going back and forth its streets, doing just as most people do, either to transact with government offices or kill time in its parks. I have witnessed how active and busy it is during the day and how tranquil yet mysterious it is come night. And it has stories waiting to be told. I don’t know but the place seems to have a natural charm that draws me to it. In one of my idle times, I took the chance to go around and take few photos of my favorite spot in the city – San Pedro. It is an actualization of Davao City’s catch phrase: “Life Is Here

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Disclaimer: Some of the photos were processed with a filter for added effect and mood. 

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Shots were taken using Oppo Neo 7. Additional information about San Pedro can be found here:

San Pedro Cathedral, a witness to the tales of a city, then and now, Davao Today (www.davaotoday.com)

SAN PEDRO CATHEDRAL: The Beacon of Davao’s Catholic Faith, The Travel Teller (www.thetravelteller.com)

What is your favorite part of Davao City? Send me your photo and be featured here!


EARWORM: Sayaw Dabaw | Maan Chua

Davao City, Maan Chua, Local Artist, Sayaw Dabaw, Kadayawan 2016This first earworm is biased for two reasons.

First, Maan Chua, a proud Dabawenya artist and the voice behind the song ‘Sayaw Dabaw’ is one of my idols. I discovered her after I began hosting the folk rock and country radio program. She has won the Tunog Mindanaw in 2013 which I think the best words to describe her masterpieces like T’nalak and my favorite, Itadyak. I have met her in person and befriended her on Facebook. But she never fails to drop my jaw. I am always in awe every time she sings and plays her instrument, be it a guitar or the kulintang. Everything is so organic, so raw and pure talent.

I never knew about this song until the group Aninag Productions formed by Jandiane Esteban, Ace Perez, Joanna Garado and Ralph Lawrence Llemit used it as the carrier song for their video entry in the Destination: Davao 2016, a video competition organized by the City Government of Davao. The video ranked third. Formality aside, the members of the Aninag Productions are my close friends. That is where the second bias comes in.

Ms Maan said the song is already two years old. I haven’t seen a music video for this so the video produced by Aninag Productions somewhat served as one. Beautiful views and spots in Davao City danced her music.

I blame the lively, festive and feel-good rhythms for making it my earworm for several weeks now. The sound of the Kulintang in the intro kept resounding in my brain and the beats… it just pumped my heart stronger and faster. I hope you enjoy this. And by the way, I chose to post this first to set the mood for the Kadayawan 2016 and I support local artist. Enjoy!

#KadayawanGoodVibes at SM Supermalls

In support of the city’s annual Kadayawan Festival, SM malls are set to stage varied activities on Davao’s art and culture and bring loads of entertainment and shopping fun for locals and tourists alike.


From August 5 to September 4, mallgoers can enjoy exciting events slated at SM Lanang Premier and SM City Davao.

South by Mouth – a Mindanao-wide culinary fair at all SM malls – kicks off in SM City Davao with a Grill Fest on August 12-14 at the Annex Driveway. It makes a stop in SM Lanang Premier, through the Davao Gourmet Collective, on August 19-21 at the Fountain Court grounds.

Feast on Davao’s best eats at the South by Mouth Kadayawan FoodFair happening at SM Supermalls this August.

Mallgoers can party the night away at the Castaway Kadayawan Vibe Fest, which features some of the country’s most in-demand DJs, at SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court grounds and SM City Davao Open Parking C. DJs Marc Marasigan and Travis Monsod headline the party on August 19 while DJ Badkiss plays for the exclusive ETC Paintensity event in SM Lanang Premier on August 20. Sponge Cola top bills the music festival at SM City Davao along with DJs Jet Boado, Ron Poe, Madela x Marasigan x Monsod, MC Boo and Carlo Atendido. SM Youth ambassadors are also expected to join the party at the Open Parking C on Friday.

Get high on music at the Castaway Vibe Fest at SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier.

Catch Sponge Cola along with the top DJs at the Kadayawan’s most vibrant music fest at SM City Davao.

For the first time, SM Lanang Premier is staging the city’s most formidable fashion design competition for young, up-and-coming designers – the Moda Mindanao Season 11 – August 21, 6pm at The Atrium. It is also having the Kadayawan Durian Festival on August 5 to September 4 at The Fountain Court grounds to boost appreciation for Davao’s King of Fruits. Other mall events to watch out for this season include the Kuntaw Mindanao Drum Circle and Cultural Show on August 21 and the Bumper to Bumper Car Show on August 20 to 21.

Watch the runway action unfold at the Moda Mindanao Season 11 Young Fashion Designers Competition on August 21 at SM Lanang Premier.

Get a taste of the ‘King of Fruits’ at the Kadayawan Durian Festival at SM Lanang Premier.

Meanwhile, SM City Davao hosts the country’s largest Agro Trade Fair until August 31. The farm and garden fair showcases the city’s agriculture and horticulture products. On August 15, SM City Davao also highlights the city’s vibrant culture with the Sayaw Mindanao and the “Indak-Indak” Street Dancing around the mall on August 15.

Marvel at the beauty of the country’s most regal orchid, the Waling-waling, at the Agri-Trade Fair. The fair will host over 300 booths which showcases the bounties of the region.

As a Kadayawan treat, shoppers of both malls can also grab up to 70% off on great finds at participating stores on August 15 to 21.

Get into the #KadayawanGoodVibes at Supermalls. For inquiries, check out SM Lanang Premier or SM City Davao on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

| PR

Foreshadowing Kadayawan 2016: My Kadayawan sa Dabaw Experiences

On August 15 to 21, colors and beats of the Mindanawon culture will dominate Metro Davao. Every third week of August, the city expresses its joviality and gratitude to nature for the bountiful harvest – the Kadayawan Festival.

When I thought of posting this year’s Kadayawan schedule, I really don’t know where to start. And so I scoured for inspiration from other blogs. The problem is, they have marketed the festival well enough. Most blogs zeroed in on the historical and cultural significance of the event, the eleven major tribes – Obu-Manuvu, Bagobo-K’lata, Matigsalug, Iranun, Bagobo-Tagabawa, Ata, Kagan, Sama, Tausug, Maranao and Maguindanao. Those were as far as I found.

And so instead of researching for more similar accounts, I decided to share my own experiences during Kadayawan, having stayed in the city for five years now. Nothing beats a first-hand chronicle.

To be honest, the definition of enjoyment of Kadayawan depends on the kind of person you are. If you are more of an outgoing person, it is best to be on the streets during the main events or on the malls for sales and discounts. But if you don’t like being in the middle of a horde, there are media coverages you can devour at the comfort of your home. I choose to be the outgoing fella that day.

The City Government of Davao usually lays out main events for the week (which I will be posting after this) while malls and other establishments also organizes their own. Here are some of the scenes that had the greatest chance of happening on major activities, so you will be prepared.

150,000 people. That is the number of local and foreign visitors to come to the city on the 31st Kadayawan sa Dabaw as forecasted by the organizers. That is just an estimate. It might balloon on the day of the event.

People are expected to flock the streets during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dance Competition) and Pamulak sa Kadayawan (Floral Float Parade). The streets will be barricaded and some streets will be closed. So if you are a kind of person who loves to listen to the heart-thumping ethnic beats and see the vibrancy of the traditional garbs and movements but ignores the heat of the sun, you should get to the streets as early as six in the morning or earlier than that.

Most people stay behind the barricades, especially if it is the spot they can clearly see the happenings. If you have secured the spot but decided to go along with the parade, you should not regret leaving the spot as you can not return to that place again. For me, I enjoy following along. I don’t know but it just feels so overwhelming. There is that brimming pride at every strike of drums or kulintang. Aside from that, the Indak-Indak perfomances usually reenact a story, be it a folklore, legend, belief or traditions of the ethnic groups.

Aside from the streets, portions of that 150,000 people can be found in parks where other events are held like Peoples Park and Rizal Park. So be ready to sneak in the middle of the crowd or perhaps wear high-heels so you can see the intriguing happenings.

Another interesting thing to look out for is the search for the Hiyas ng Kadayawan (Gem of Kadayawan). According to the City Government, “It is the search for the festival gem who epitomizes joy, bounty, simplicity, and beauty. She also carries the virtues of a people, who, through time and space have maintained its identity, dignity, and collective memory.” Watching them flaunt their advocacies not only for the members of the tribe they represent but for the people of Davao ignites a sense of pride even if I am don’t belong in any indigenous group.

Major malls such as Gaisano Mall of Davao, Abreeza Ayala Mall, NCCC Mall and SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier  also take advantage on the inundation of local and foreign visitors. They invite celebrities to do shows.  Alongside the show are the left-and-right sales and discounts for you to take advantage too. But I don’t usually go there. I hate standing for long hours, and wait for the artistas from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, sings only a couple of songs and the show ends there. Fanatics would considered it worth-it.

In the past celebrations, the night is always young. It is alive with raves, foam parties, color parties and concerts in different spots like Damosa Gateway in Lanang, Crocodile Park, and Rizal Park or San Pedro Square to name a few.

Unfortunately, the City Government recently discourages parties and concerts in the downtown area to be consistent with this year’s central theme, the 11 tribes. Don’t worry. Crocodile Park and Damosa Gateway are not located at the center of the city. If you are a party junkie, you might also check CARPE DIEM at Felcris Centrale.

And how dare I forget the food. Well, I don’t really eat that much in restaurants but one thing I am sure, there will also be discounts and promos!! Still, can’t afford. Haha. For a simple person like me, you should try eating at the city’s street food hub, Roxas Avenue. Fruits are also abundant in every corner, especially Durian. *drools*. This pricky-pungent smelling fruit can be found in Magsaysay Fruit StandBangkerohan Public Market, Anda Street and of course, Roxas Avenue. There’s also the mangosteen and pomelo among others.


Kadayawan 2016 would be lavish of nothing but culture. After all, this is the cause of the celebration. Unlike the past Kadayawan, the City Government said they steered their focus towards the Indigenous People, the Muslims, their cultures and their plight. Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte considered them as the “heart and soul of Kadayawan.” It would be a culture-rich week. And this is something I love about this celebration.

Truth is, feelings are not meant to be explained. They are meant to be…felt. For you to do that, join the Dabawenyos like me on this festivity of abundance!

And by the way, as promised, here is the official schedule of events of Kadayawan 2016:

Kadayawan 2016, Kadayawan Festival, Kadayawan sa Dabaw, 31st Kadayawan Festival, Davao City, festival

For updates, like Kadayawan 2016 on:

Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/Kadayawan2016

Twitter: @kadayawan2016

Email: kadayawan2016@gmail.com


CARPE DIEM | A Festive Kadayawan 2016 Party

One month more before the Kadayawan 2016 celebration kicks off! Scouring parties to enjoy during the ‘King of Festivals’ is on for Davaoenos and tourists alike. If you haven’t found one, I have something for you!


If you are a ‘partyphile’, then you might want to join the electronic dance party CARPE DIEM. Eclipse Production Management is inviting you to loose yourself in a festive, electronic music party- CARPE DIEM this August 20, 2016, 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM at the Al Fresco Area of the Felcris Centrale in Davao City. Guest DJs from Manila, Iloilo and Bacolod are set to make you seize your night with party music!

Tickets are now available!

General Admission – Php 300 ( with FREE 1 mix drink 12oz )
VIP – Php 500 ( with FREE 2 Beers )

VIP Table also available.

For Davaoenos, tickets can be bought in these outlets:

Perch ( Felcris Centrale )
Laysa’s BBQ Grill ( Bonifacio )
Assembly ( Damosa )
Java Jive ( Bajada )
Ink Digger Tattoo ( Ilustre beside ATU Plaza )
Rainbow Project Shop (Fashion Walk, 2nd floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao)

PROMO: Buy 5 General Admission Tickets , Get 1 for FREE!  

Tell your friends and grab your tickets NOW!

For Ticket inquiries, contact:

Stanley- 09175613705 / 09182537805
Jocs – 09323711377
Vixen- 09325494211

Or visit Eclipse Production Facebook Page for more information. See you there!

Kadayawan 2016 to pay tribute to Lumads, Muslims

The City Government of Davao has decided to change the tenor of this year’s celebration of the “King of Festivals”. Kadayawan 2016 will be a tribute to the indigenous people and the Muslims, their culture and situations.

In an interview, Monday, Kadayawan Executive Committee (Execom) member Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre reiterated the emphasis of the celebration, the Lumad and Muslim brothers and sisters.

“We will focus on the Lumad and Muslim culture. Our celebration will center on that,” he said.

He said that majority of the activities will be cultural presentations.

“On the opening, we are planning to invite musicians like Popong Landero and Joey Ayala. We will offer cultural presentations to the people” he said.

Acting Mayor Paolo Duterte has earlier pronounced that the 31st Kadayawan will be ‘simple and meaningful.’

“As we celebrate, let us not forget about their (Lumads and Muslims) struggles and the injustices committed against them,” said Duterte. “I believe that if we continue to turn a blind eye to their plight, Kadayawan will be meaningless.”

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and President Rodrigo Duterte to join celebration

Councilor Alejandre revealed that they have been communicating with Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo about the participation of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach during the Kadayawan.

“We still have to talk with the secretary but there is 80% possibility the Ms. Wurtzbach will be here on Friday, August 19,” he said.

Alejandre said they have planned to ask the beauty titlist to judge the Hiyas ng Kadayawan and she expressed her willingness to whatever request from the Execom.

He also added that President Rodrigo Duterte will be joining the celebration but they are yet to ascertain when he will come.

No Parties, Concerts

Another difference of this year’s festival from the previous celebration is the prohibition on the conduct of concerts and parties in the downtown area as announced few weeks ago.

This, according to Duterte, is to delineate with the central theme which is to focus on the situations and experiences of the 11 indigenous tribes in the city.

“Modern activities such as foam parties and EDM (electronic dance music) are really discouraged,” said Art Boncato, Kadayawan Execom vice-chair.

The highlight activities will happen on Friday, August 19 which is declared as the Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dance Competition) will be launched on Saturday, August 20 while the Pamulak Festival (Floral Float Parade) is slated Sunday, August 21.

It will then be concluded with the Pahalipay Concert as a thanksgiving by the city government to the people of Davao and the visitors.

The Execom anticipated about 150,000 visitors who will be coming during the celebration.

| Published in 105.9 Balita FM’s Facebook Page: Kadayawan 2016 Update: What’s in, what’s out, July 19, 2016